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Various Application Scenarios
The application scenarios of building water supply and drainage can be roughly summarized into three main applications:
Fire Sprinkler water supply system;
Direct Drinking water Constant Pressure water supply system;
Automatic water Replenishment and Exhaust Constant pressure system.

Fire Sprinkler Water Supply System
According to the characteristics of the water demand for fire protection pipelines, the most cost-effective combination is designed; of course, different configurations can be adjusted and used according to more detailed requirements. It is worth mentioning that, especially considering the chemical environment that requires more attention to fire prevention, you can choose to use an integrated molded system base that is acid and alkali-resistant.

Direct Drinking Water
Constant Pressure Water Supply System
Benefiting from the one-piece inner lining material of HDPE, it is particularly suitable for direct drinking water, seawater filtration, ethylene glycol, and other media. With the rubber bladder produced by ourselves and the control program after self-development and debugging, the key components of the water pump unit have very good matching, which further ensures the stable operation of the water supply unit and reduces a series of losses such as downtime, maintenance, and waste caused by the instability of the unit.

Automatic Water Replenishment and Exhaust Constant Pressure System
The control program, atmospheric pressure tank, and rubber bag size are the three key components that we developed and produced ourselves. When used in a closed system, it can fully and accurately control each node of water replenishment, exhaust, pressure replenishment, and pressure relief, ensuring that the HVAC system is stable and energy-saving during operation. The design of the fiber-wound atmospheric pressure tank is an innovation in the application of closed constant pressure systems.
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