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Design  Manufacturing  Transmission

Headquartered in Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, IWM is one of FulcrumGmbH's brands. Loyal to the concept of DesignManufacturing, and Transmission, The company designs and manufactures products and components of the highest quality with maximum production efficiency in Germany and China.

We see ourselves as a driving force for the development of first-class products, smart concepts and efficient solutions for systems of all sizes and complexity.

Holistic thinking, attention to interrelationships and connections, and the ability to solve problems down to the last detail-this is what we expect of ourselves. We firmly believe that equal cooperation is the key to success. To this end, we bundle together technical knowledge in thermal energy, cooling and system technology. And think about complex issues with passion until the end. This makes us a strong and responsible partner-especially for highly sensitive projects, complex large systems and special solutions.

Affiliates are the most innovative in their industry due to in-house research and development, collaboration with research institutes and government standardization bodies, and deployment of state-of-the-art production methods. Our products and solutions for heating, cooling, energy, and plant engineering applications are globally recognized for their efficiency, performance, and reliability.

Leading products, optimized processes, and qualified employees provide the basis for satisfying our customers in industry, plant engineering, wholesale trade, and installers.

Durable and reliable: as a manufacturer of High-quality Diaphragm Pressure Expansion Vessels and 
Compressed Gas Storage TanksI.W.M. utilizes its expertise and optimizes processes to strictly control the process of each product. Based on the rigorous design and research and development in the German headquarters, The company produces various high-performance pressure expansion vessels in Jiangsu Province, a modern chemical plant in China, for heating and cooling systems, drinking and sanitary water systems, hot water storage systems, and pneumatic storage and supply systems.

Because IWM focuses on what is really important, these products provide perfect solutions to many challenges in the application of production and construction technology. Our containers not only meet the most stringent requirements in terms of quality and reliability but also increase cost sensitivity and time pressure during installation and assembly.
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