Multiple Material Testing Projects Running Through Quality Management
Different from pressure tanks made of carbon steel or stainless steel, non-metallic fiber winding reinforced pressure tanks focus on the application of new materials. Therefore, the link of design and verification is particularly important.
Throughout the production process, it covers the testing of various material properties of Rubber materials, Resin materials, and Fiber materials.
Inspection Equipment
Times of Test
Project Patent Technology

Vulcanization Testing 
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Tensile Strength Testing
Before officially confirming that each batch of rubber diaphragms and filament-wound pressure tanks can be mass-produced, they need to go through the performance test of the tensile strength of the material. In addition, irregular sampling inspections will be carried out in different batches, so as to maintain the material properties at a stable level as much as possible in the long-term mass production.

Heat Aging Testing
Products with built-in rubber diaphragm closed expansion tanks and LPG cylinders will be used in scenarios of temperature changes, especially in high-temperature environments. Whether the material can maintain a certain aging resistance and the time it takes to monitor the aging are all passed through the test. The results are used as an important basis for reference.

Cryogenic Testing
It is also very important to monitor whether the performance of the material is stable in a low-temperature environment. Our customers will still need to know at what temperature the material will remain stable at low temperatures, the pressure tank material, and the rubber bladder.

Durability Cycle Testing 
Through real hydraulic cycle operation, test whether the pressure tank made of each batch of raw materials can truly withstand the design pressure capacity and be used for at least 100,000 cycles.
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