Packaging and shipping process | A link that cannot be ignored in quality management

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Packaging and Shipping process 
—— A link that cannot be ignored in quality management
The process link of packaging and delivery is an easily overlooked but very important link in quality management. Thoughtful product design, packaging method, and delivery process can allow qualified products to reach customers through transportation, and minimize the risk of product quality damage caused by transportation.
I.W.M. closed expansion tanks are different from traditional metal pressure tanks in terms of product design, and fully consider various transportation methods. Compared with traditional metal tanks, the weight is reduced by up to 40%, and the transportation space is saved by nearly 20%.

24L, 50L,100L
—— Packed in corrugated cartons
Considering the sea transportation and the placement in the container, use cartons to pack the small size 24L,50L, and 100L. It can coordinate and balance the flexible placement of various models in the container.
200L, 300L, 500L, 750L, 1000L
—— Wrapped with film winding machine
Benefits from split tank legs and lightweight expansion tank body, we remove the tank legs by default and place them on the top of the tank body, and pack the tanks with a fixed number of winding layers by a stretch film machine. This packaging method can ensure that the large-sized models occupy as little space as possible in the container.
The design of the Split Tank Legs
—— Advantages in the transportation state
Minimize the height and space occupied by the transport compartment, conveniently adjust and flexibly pack in different sizes of cabinets under different order conditions, so as to reduce the cost of transportation as much as possible.
Reduce weight by up to 40%
—— More convenient to be transported
Compared with metal tanks, the lighter weight makes it more convenient to be transported, installed, and constructed and can be easily operated and used in more working conditions.

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