How IWM's Engineers Proceed To Realize The New-Designed Filament Wound Pressure Vessels
The realization of any product with a new design concept cannot be achieved overnight, and it is inseparable from a large number of repeated trial and error processes. Of course, this includes a lot of boring tests, repetitive calculations, proofing, and repeated cycles.
Therefore, we should pay tribute to engineers, because of their rigor, they have added more beautiful design products and solutions to our more scientific and intelligent life.
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FULCRUM and influx provide mutual support in their respective fields of expertise - design, and manufacturing. Based on the EU TED and Chinese pressure vessel manufacturing license audit regulations, combined with EN13923, the tank body design and calculation are carried out by the fulcrum team, and the process design is carried out by influx and is responsible for full production. After a lot of resource investment and prototype testing, provide a new design for building water supply and drainage --- Filament wound FRP Closed expansion vessels with built-in diaphragm for installation in water.

Different types of resins and fibers used in the production of pressure tanks' bearing layers are produced as trial products and then tested for tensile strength in different stress areas to determine the material that meets the design requirements. These specimens are labeled and stored in a laboratory for 10 years..

The design is based on the European standard - EN13923 and the standard EN13831 is referenced and compared in the design calculation. We carefully compared and summarized the working and usage principles of traditional metal built-in diaphragm tanks.

According to the requirements of the design document, our test prototype passed the ultimate burst test, 100,000 cycle pressure test, and hydrostatic pressure test.

Each IWM series expansion tank will pass the final factory inspection before leaving the factory - air tightness test and 1.5 times pressure test.

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